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Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer

от 100 тыс.руб.

Projects Details:

  • Server-client applications, multithreading REST services for our clients;
  • Functional paradigm approach in JavaScript (using libraries like Ramda).

Tech & Tools:

  • React, React Native, GraphQL, PostCSS;
  • Babel, Redux, Gulp, Webpack.


  • Driving our front-end team with hands-on React coding;
  • Work on app front-end logic providing suitable solutions;
  • Implementing best front-end development practices;
  • Making clear code documentation and ticket handling;
  • Making clients happy by bringing their design ideas to life.

Must-have Skills:

  • 3+ years overall front-end development expertise;
  • Solid ReactJS stack development expertise;
  • B1+ written & speaking English (Intermediate);
  • Solid knowledge of responsive design, PostCSS / CSS modules;
  • Experience with using Gulp / Webpack;
  • High flexibility and resistance to quick changes.


  • Backend development experience;
  • Good experience in working with Sketch/Photoshop;
  • Understanding of functional programming languages;
  • Experience in working with RESTful API, Ruby on Rails projects.


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Официальное оформление с белой ЗП и соответствующими выплатами.

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✉ dm@itccrimea.ru